Monthly PPC Management

Need a freelance PPC executive immediately and temporarily for your company?

Or has your business started to grow and you now need a specialist to effectively manage your paid media accounts?

I can carry out the following tasks for your accounts on a regular basis:

~ Monitor spends & leads within Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads
~ A/B test and regularly update ad copies to decrease ad fatigue on social media platforms and increase CTRs
~ Monitor search terms on Google Ads to ensure you're not wasting spend on irrelevant terms
~ Regularly analyse data to make necessary bid adjustments for better performance
~ Plan and execute new campaign ideas for additional leads

~ Work with your team to create search, display and/or video ads for your own campaign ideas
~ Regular keyword and competitor research for further conversion opportunities
~ A/B tests on landing pages for higher conversion rates and a better UX
~ Regular catch ups to discuss performance and recommendations moving forward
~ Keep up to date with Google, Facebook & LinkedIn's continuous updates, making sure your account aligns with new policies
~ Testing AI strategies carefully to achieve higher ROI
~ Set up conversion tracking if necessary
~ Monitor customer journeys through heatmapping tools to identify further conversion opportunities
~ Installation of a click fraud software (free of charge for clients meeting certain criteria) for higher quality traffic and better CPLs

I have availability up to 10 hours per week to work on your accounts - these hours would be split between the ad accounts you'd like me to work on (e.g. 6 hours Google, 4 hours Facebook per week).

My charge is £35 per hour, with discounts available the more hours you require. It is a rolling monthly contract and you can cancel at any time, providing 30 days notice. 

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