Hi! I'm Chrissie Punter

A freelance PPC consultant based in Glasgow

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I like to make things as clear and as simple as possible for my clients. I make a point of really getting to know your business, how you work, who your ideal customer is, your specialties and where your current strengths lie when auditing your account. I can identify quick wins for your business and work with you to determine some long term paid advertising marketing strategies. 

Most importantly, I get results. In the past I have achieved a 200% increase in CTR from Facebook Ad marketing, 470% increase in leads for a single campaign, and a 50% decrease in cost per lead for a Google Ads account. My primary goal is to help you achieve a good target ROAS and scale your business.

I've been working with clients large and small for the last 6 years across the UK, helping them achieve great revenue on their advertising using the best digital marketing tools out there, alongside some content marketing techniques to encourage users to take action and generate leads.

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